This is our Story.


The Sewcial Club

The Sewcial Club begin as an overnight idea year’s in the making. We are a one of kind sewing studio that focuses on not only the education of sewing, but bringing the lost art back to life. When The Sewcial Club quickly grew into a thriving den of eager young creatives it was clear our mission was bigger than just sewing. The more they learned the art of textiles, thread, and machine the more their entrepreneurial spirit grew. For almost two years it has been an honor to witness the drive and devotion many of these children start to have.

The Creative Kids Show was our first of many ideas that aimed at building young business owners. This is a show that features only children business owners and only handmade items. Their skills range from doggie couture, fishing lures, unique jewelry, and everything in between. From our first show we have almost tripled the amount mini-entrepreneurs ready to join the adventure. Not only do these young kids inspire other children, they have an overwhelming amount of community support.

The Sewcial Initiative Foundation brings it all together; our love of sewing, our focus on community impact, creating charitable hearts, and building strong business owners of the future. We aim to give back to those that can benefits from our talents and choose a variety of local charities to receive our gifts. It is in giving that our hearts are truly blessed.

Valerie Parker (Teacher & Executive Director)