Giving the gift of sewing


How we work

The Sewcial Club

We are a sewing studio that teaches people in every walk of life the age-old art of sewing. Since the doors opened in January of 2017 The Sewcial Club has transpired into a diverse community of hope, friendship, and camaraderie. It didn’t take long to see the special spirit that fills The Sewcial Club.

 Classes are offered Daily Tuesday through Saturday most every week. Although Classes are completely free we ask that you consider making a guided donation so anyone that wishes to sew has the opportunity. Classes range from completely novice to harder garments and special projects. Not only do we focus on instruction, new techniques, and attention to detail, but we have the most fun doing it.

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to the education of sewing, charitable hearts, and community impact. Deciding to change the format of the classes to nonprofit has been both rewarding and promising to our future as teachers and seamstresses.

The Sewcial Initiative Foundation

As we journey into this new mission there are many ideas we are passionate about pursuing. We will start by choosing a new initiative each month to focus on. These will consist of local charities from all avenues that can benefit from the gift of sewing.

The Creative Kids Show has been dear to our hearts for some time now and as each one grows by leaps and bounds we are devoted to making sure any child that wishes to start their entrepreneurial dream has that possibility.

Sewing classes and the art of being a seamstress is what gives us air. Our teachers are all lifelong professional seamstresses with a range of expertise including classes offered in Spanish, so we can tend to all of those in our community.

 HOw Donations work

While we are just starting and do not have the financials to share, we are acutely aware of what the donations will be used for. First and foremost, for the building we occupy and the bills that are incurred by everyday operations. We are always in need of sewing supplies including fabric, notions, thread, and machines. The Creative kids show will be on our list of needs and will require a separate fundraiser to serve our mini entrepreneurs the best we can. Our monthly initiatives will entail the community support in not only monetary donations, but special items as well.